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  • Voter Trends in Texas May Sway to Marijuana Legalization Next Year

    Support for medical marijuana, and even the legalization of recreational marijuana, in Texas seems to be gaining considerable steam, despite the closing of the November 2016 voting cycle. Proponents of legal uses for cannabis, hemp, and marijuana are hopeful about the future, citing that numerous bills on the ballots are indicative of a growing public interest and awareness. As with other states ...
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  • Texas' Law on Marijuana Possession

    It’s no secret that the national opinion on marijuana is rapidly changing. Each year new states enact bills that legalize the use of medical and recreational marijuana. However, in Texas, it remains illegal to possess, sell, distribute, or cultivate the drug. In fact, Texas is a leading state when it comes to the severity of punishments for drug crimes . The possession of two grams of marijuana ...
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  • An Overview of Texas Drugged Driving (DUID) Laws

    In the state of Texas, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of prescription or illicit drugs. Driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) is a serious offense that can expose a person to the possibility of harsh legal consequences such as jail time and expensive fines. Since there is no set standard for measuring a person’s intoxication from drugs, unlike alcohol, ...
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  • What to Do If Your Child Has Been Charged with a Drug Crime

    In Texas State, a minor under the age of 17 will typically face a unique criminal justice system, known as the juvenile justice process, when accused of and charged with a crime. One of the most common crimes in juvenile court are drug crimes , such as possession or cultivating marijuana . Although the weight of the justice system is generally lighter upon the shoulders of a minor, the ...
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  • Overview of the Marijuana Possession Laws in Texas

    As you may know, attitudes about the use of marijuana are rapidly changing throughout the U.S. While several states have taken measures to decriminalize the medicinal use of cannabis, most still uphold strict laws against the possession, sale and cultivation of this drug – including Texas. In fact, it is true that you could be charged with a Class B misdemeanor if you are caught with two ounces of ...
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