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  • How Assault Charges Become Aggravated Assault Charges

    Texas law considers simple assault any action that attempts to physically harm another person, or actually does so. While this is a serious criminal charge that can lead to extensive jail time, high fines paid to the state, and restitution paid to the victim, matters for the accused will be even worse if they are charged with aggravated assault . How does this escalation occur? There are two ...
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  • Charges of Assault on Campus

    In recent years, the public eye has been gaining focus on assault and sexual assault cases arising from university and college campuses. While it is clearly beneficial to encourage safe educational institutions and environments, it is equally beneficial to ensure that social stigma and biases do not unfairly damage the reputations and wellbeing of the accused. Other than the usual criminal ...
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  • Can I Be Charged with Assault if I Didn't Touch the Victim?

    When most people hear the word assault , they associate it with the physical attack of one person by another person. While it is true that when one person deliberately or purposefully causes bodily harm to another person he or she is committing assault, and usually assault & battery, it is not the only way in which a person can commit an assault. If you threaten another person with physical harm ...
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