Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Voter Trends in Texas May Sway to Marijuana Legalization Next Year

    Support for medical marijuana, and even the legalization of recreational marijuana, in Texas seems to be gaining considerable steam, despite the closing of the November 2016 voting cycle. Proponents of legal uses for cannabis, hemp, and marijuana are hopeful about the future, citing that numerous bills on the ballots are indicative of a growing public interest and awareness. As with other states ...
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  • Texas School Buses Using Cameras to Catch Traffic Violators

    Carrollton and Dallas, Texas are both being targeted by a lawsuit that claims the cities have overstepped their legal boundaries when it comes to civilian surveillance and law enforcement. The lawsuit has stated that both cities have installed illegal traffic cameras on several school buses to monitor drivers in adjacent lanes and catch them in the act of violating traffic laws; in particular, it ...
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  • Texas' Law on Marijuana Possession

    It’s no secret that the national opinion on marijuana is rapidly changing. Each year new states enact bills that legalize the use of medical and recreational marijuana. However, in Texas, it remains illegal to possess, sell, distribute, or cultivate the drug. In fact, Texas is a leading state when it comes to the severity of punishments for drug crimes . The possession of two grams of marijuana ...
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