Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • What Happens if I Violate a Protective Order?

    In the state of Texas, protective orders are issued for a number of reasons—the most common being an impending threat of domestic violence or stalking. While these orders are not always sought out for legitimate reasons, the fact of the matter is that a violation is punishable by law. This means that you could be subject to serious legal penalties if you were to ignore any of the terms or ...
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  • How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Fort Worth, TX

    If you were previously arrested or convicted of a crime, your criminal history may be looming over you like a black cloud. Not only can a sordid background make it difficult for you to find employment, but it may even put strain on your personal relationships. For this reason, you should not hesitate to find out if you are eligible for expungement in the state of Texas. This legal process would ...
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  • Who Qualifies for Sex Offender Deregistration in Texas?

    In the state of Texas, you could be required to register as a sex offender if you have been convicted of a sexually motivated crime . This may include a wide variety of offenses, including those related to sexual assault, prohibited sexual conduct, indecency with a child, compelling prostitution and possession of child pornography. The duration of one's registration will ultimately depend on the ...
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  • Can I Be Charged with Assault if I Didn't Touch the Victim?

    When most people hear the word assault , they associate it with the physical attack of one person by another person. While it is true that when one person deliberately or purposefully causes bodily harm to another person he or she is committing assault, and usually assault & battery, it is not the only way in which a person can commit an assault. If you threaten another person with physical harm ...
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