Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • A man sentenced to death speaks about his walk to the death chamber for the third time.

    A poignant look at what it's like to walk to the death chamber from someone who is sentenced to death and has walked the walk - a couple of times...
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  • Do I have to give a police officer my name?

    I was at the bar the other night with some friends and we noticed that a couple had gotten into a verbal argument and the staff had asked them to leave. On their way out of the bar, a police officer stopped the male and asked him his name. At first, the guy absolutely refused to talk to the officer at all and wouldn't give his name. At this point, the guy was not being disruptive. Finally, out of ...
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  • Can the police stop and hold you without arresting you?

    I've been asked a lot of questions lately that revolve around whether a police officer can stop and hold you without actually arresting you. The short answer is…It depends. This is a very good question; typically, the answer depends on the facts of your situation. Generally speaking, if a police officer has a reasonable suspicion that you may be involved in committing a crime that officer may ...
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